Born in Lomas de Zamora, Argentina in 1959. Lives and works in Berlin and
Villa La Angostura, Patagonia.

Studies at International Center of Photography (I.C.P.), New York.
Seminar with Nancy Davenport.
Photographic Aestetics & Visual Communication with Prof. Juan Travnik, Buenos Aires.
Acting studies with Ricardo Bartís y Franklin Caicedo, Buenos Aires.

Workshops: with Giuliana Scimé, Jaime Larraín, Allen Frame, Mary Swanson, C.Grunebaum, Fred Ritchin, Susan Jahoda and Stephen Korns, John Reuter, Susan Kae Grant and Robert Blake.

Solo Exhibitions: “Unsafe Landscapes” Sor Beatriz y Clusellas Muesum, Santa Fe and Córdoba´s University Photogallery, Argentina (2006); “Lost in the Pampas” Alliance Francaise, Buenos Aires, “Condom Project” Omega Photogallery, La Plata (2003); “Condom Project” Rosa Galisteo de Rodriguez Muesum, Festival of Light .02 Santa Fe, Argentina, “Nature, 20 Years Shooting Nothing” Centro Cívico, 6. Photofestival in Bariloche, Patagonia (2002); “Patagonian Landscapes” Alliance Francaise. Festival of Light, Buenos Aires (2000); “Natura Viva, Natura Morta” Pérez Quesada Gallery- Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires (1999); “Nudi naturalis” Photogallery of Santa Fe & opening exhibition Photospace Gallery at Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires (1998); “Natura non facit saltus” Centro Cultural Recoleta (1997); “Natura non facit saltus” Buenos Aires Institute of Arts & Design (1996); “Photos Mythos-Short Glossary of Large Photomyths” Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires and Dardo Rocha Photogallery opening exhibition, La Plata, Argentina (1995); “Cemetery Landscapes of Buenos Aires” Andy Goldstein Foundation, Buenos Aires; “Fotoretrospectiva” Pestalozzi Arts Center, Buenos Aires (1993); “Show windows” Oliver Gallery, Lomas de Zamora (1987).
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